Roof Truss Solutions

We have a highly-streamlined manufacturing process that meets the requirements of both the older BS 5268 Parts 2 and Parts 3 for standard, dormer or attic trusses and the newer BS EN 1995 - Design of Timber Structures.

To complete our customer care tradition we make it easy for any building team whether part of a construction giant; or a family self build team, to get those trusses in place quickly and accurately. We have our own HIAB crane which will move the trusses into position for you fast! Now we think you’ll agree that’s service beyond the norm in the Scottish building trade!

We are proud of our record on adherence to the constantly changing standards that apply to roofing systems. For many years, timber and wood-based construction components were governed by BS 5268-2. That was superseded by Eurocode 5 (EC5) a few years ago and is implemented in the UK as BS EN 1995 - Design of Timber Structures.

This standard applies to the design of buildings and civil engineering works using timber components: as is so common throughout Scotland. The standard sets out requirements for the safety, durability and fire resistance of structures and the basis of design and verification given in BS EN 1990:2002, the key code for all the harmonised Structural Eurocodes. Through its various parts, it covers the requirements for mechanical resistance, serviceability, durability and fire resistance of timber structures.

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